Thursday, March 5, 2009

new art on display at Grace

i have a new show of rusted steel and etched steel pieces on display in Portland, OR. the newest pieces are a new technique i am working on involving using acrylic paint to mask areas of a piece of sheet metal, and then creating oxidation on the non masked areas of the steel with acids. the open steel rusts and the white acrylic paint stains with varying shades of rust orange.

i am super excited about this new technique i'm working on, and these are just the very first experimental pieces i have done in developing this idea. great new developments are on the way.

come see them in person at Grace Salon , at 906 NW Irving in Portland. a first Thursday reception will be held on APRIL 2nd, but the show is on display now until the end of April.

this is one example of the new pieces in the show

click the image for a larger version

Urban Iconography
rust and acrylic on steel

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